Free and Enslaved Servants

Mosianna and Tom Milledge, c.1880s

Thomas Milledge was the Low’s enslaved and later free butler. Thomas married Mosianna, also an enslaved and later free servant of the Low family. Tom and Mosianna had three children, William, Thomas, Jr., and Mary.

Tom sometimes accompanied Low to England or he was left as a caretaker, in solo charge of the Low House when the family was away. Tom died in 1886. He served with the Forest City Light Infantry, and was a Freemason with the Eureka Lodge No. 1. His obituary noted that, “he had the respect of both white and colored people.”

Mosianna, who was twenty years younger than Tom, became the cook for William and Juliette Low. Mosianna Milledge’s work with the younger Lows included a residency in England. Mosianna is credited with teaching southern cooking to their English cook Rosa Lewis, who became famous in London for her southern dishes.

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