Historical Figures

The Low Family

Like many people during the mid-nineteenth century, the Lows knew both great joy and severe loss. Sarah Cecil Hunter Low died in 1849 from complications after a miscarriage shortly before construction on the home was completed. Five years later, Andrew Low and Mary Cowper Stiles were married and enjoyed many happy years together up until her passing in 1863. Mary and Andrew’s son, William, married Juliette “Daisy” Gordon, founder of the Girl Scouts, in 1886. William and Juliette spent most of their time in Scotland and England, but they lived in the home when they visited Savannah.

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The Family Pets

The Lows had several beloved dogs and often had formal photographic portraits made to memorialize them. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, pet ownership was often criticized. However, by the end of the century families kept pets and treasured their companionship, especially children. Just like today, man’s best friend (and woman’s!) was an important part of the family.

The Milledges

Tom Milledge was an enslaved man who labored at the site in a role that might be described as “House Servant” and then later as a “Butler”. Records are incomplete but it is believed that Andrew Low’s uncle purchased Tom from Mr. Wylly Woodbridge for the sum of $393.00 in 1844. Tom came to live and work for Andrew Low II in the early 1850s as an enslaved servant. Later, Tom continued to work for the Lows as a free servant. It is clear that he was given a great deal of authority indicated by the fact that he was left in sole charge of the home when the Lows traveled abroad.

Tom married a young woman named Mosianna Ruth Delegal. Mosianna was more than twenty years younger than Tom, and it is not known whether she was enslaved at the time of their marriage. Mosianna and Tom had three children recorded in census records and a fourth child, named Rebecca, is indicated in Mosianna’s will.

Mosianna became a cook for William and Daisy Low. Her work with the younger generation of Lows included a residency in England. Milledge is often credited with teaching southern-style cooking to the English cook, Rosa Lewis, who later became famous in London for her American southern-style cooking.

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Associated People

In addition to the Low and Milledge families, several other individuals had a prominent impact on the history of the Andrew Low House. Get to know these individuals and their unique stories below.